Tuesday, 10 March 2015

CheekyBots Nappies

So, I phoned the Mr last night on his way home from work to see if he could stop off and grab a can of formula and some nappies for Aiden from the supermarket.

I've a preference to Tescos own brand nappies - the "Loves Baby" range. They are super soft, thick and absorbant, so we usually just buy those in bulk.

However, last night he arrived home with these:

196 nappies - a months supply of a brand we've never used before, that usually retail at £30 a box (which work out cheaper than 196 Pampers nappies...)

 My first instinct was to grab him by the collar and shake him whilst screaming "AAAAAARGH!! You idiot!! You don't bulk buy an item if you've never used it or know nothing about it, it might be total and utter crap!" But he saw the not-so-happy-or-convinced look in my eyes and before I had a chance to say anything, he told me they were a "bargain" at £12 (were half price at £15 but we also had £3 worth of club card vouchers to use.) 

So it was £12 for 196 nappies. That's good. Thats pretty bloody good... Considering we usually spend £5 for 50 of the Loves Baby nappies, and Aiden goes through so many a day!

Still a bit hesitant I decided to take a look. The nappies were separated into 4 packs of 49 nappies. Why 49? Why not add a extra 1 and round up to 50? Give a total of 200 nappies? (My OCD kicking in there. I'm the same with volumes on TV etc, has to be a even number or rounded up)

Each nappy has this weird kinda creepy frog? crocodile? lizard? (Ive no idea, so i'm going with frog) - It has this frogs big ol eyes on the front, and a bug of some sort for the design. 

Each nappy is totally plain white, which is good for wearing under light clothing. It also has a different coloured band too, with 7 different colours and the creepy eyes combined with 7 different types of bug (My favourite is the pink strip with the itsy teeny weeny lasybird, but im a girl and I like girly things...). 

Although I have a son, I think these are quite boyish, I dont think they are very nice for a girl - practicality yeah, they are just a nappy, but surely you want you little petals petal covered in something a bit more prettier than bulbus frog eyes and bugs...? Sounding very gender stereotypical here admittedly. But I did have a  look incase they sold boxes of these seperate for boys and girls but they dont. So this design is neutral, aparantly... *Its boyish. AHEM*

 The actual nappies themselves feel really quite thin. Not what im used to at all, the ones we usually use are thicker and more padded, and if im honest, during the night, a total pain in the arse to get my son into, especially when he does his monkey frog legs to the chest type movements. I had a quick feel, as Baby Boy started to stir, and needed changing, and surprisingly they are very soft, soft and squidgy. I thought they looked a bit thin and cheap, but they did surprise me with how soft they were. Upon having a quick look i noticed they have the double frill layer around the leg band, so brilliant for holding in any nasty poo explosions (and it actually worked, it did hold in a nasty poo explosion!)

My boy (whos 9 weeks) wore one of these over night after his bottle before bed and for the first time EVER last he slept from 8.30pm-4am not waking for a bottle or due to the fact his nappy was full. When I did change him at 4am and do the early feed, his nappy was wet , but i reckon if he hadn't woken when he did and wanted another feed, and had slept through till say 7am, the nappy would probably have been ok and not leaked.

Ill continue to use these nappies until they are all gone, all 196 of them (providing he doesnt suffer from a reaction to them, ive read online about nappies causing rashes etc, so hence my hesitation to use a different type to what im used to.) but so far so good. Any changes, and ill post on here....

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