Saturday, 23 May 2015

Review: Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus & 2 Way Family Fix Isofix Base

RRP £190 for the car seat + Isofix Base at £99.99

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5


When we were sent the pebble plus seat, we were also sent a base that the seat is compatable with that fitted into our isofixtures in the car. The base was electronic, and beeped of the seat wasn't in correctly, or not secured as well as a flashing red and green light to indicate when it was safe to use and when it was not. The seat was easy to install and remove from the base, once we got the hang of pressing the akward buttons on the side of the seat.


This seat had the most reclined in car position, and my son looked comfortable whilst in it.

The newborn insert which was included with the seat was very soft and snug - Aiden is 9 weeks old and still fitted in the seat with the newborn insert, without looking squashed.

we also tried the seat without the insert, and there was ample soft padding attached to the seat. Reassuring around the head and spine placements.

The seat comes in a range of colours, which is fab if you fancy something a bit more bright or stylish than the usual plain black. (However you could also then buy a plain black seat and a coloured newborn insert - mix&match)

The seat is secured in with an isofix I size base, which was sturdy once placed on it. Also secured with a seatbelt too which is an added security bonus.

the seat has a built in wedge where baby's bottom of spine lays - meabing he/she can spend more time in it than the suggested 90mins.

Its travel system compatable with several frames provided you have the adapters. luckily enough it was actually compatable with my mothercare orb frame, and so we also tested it on the frame - the seat fit perfectly and securely - no rocking motion or lax movement.

Its practical from newborn to around -15mths


Its slightly heavier than my usual maxi-cosi pebble car seat. Even with aiden not in it. Once Aiden was in it, it was highly noticable that it was heavier than anticipated. I couldn't carry him from the car to the shops for something quick - it wpuld hurt my arms and back - so defo travel system frame recommended for quick short trips.

For a well known named brand of car seat - it only had a 3 point safety harness, compared to all others with 5. Although he was and is safe in the seat, if they upgraded it to 5 point rather than 3, it would be an added bonus feature.

it was quite hard to press the buttons to remove from the base and the travel system frame - im guessing this due to it being a new seat as over time our one eased up slightly.


When my son was born, being new parents we instantly chose a Maxi cosi seat - as it was the only name brand we knew of. They live upto their expectations of style, comfort and ease of usE, as well as being practical and compatable well it travel systems. My favourite so far.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Review: Concord SONO Carseat & Base

CasualPlay Sono & Base
RRP £129.99 + Isofix Base at £179.88
Personal rating: 2/5


(The flimsy impossible button, which is mentioned below...)

The CasualPlay Sono was also sent to us with a CasualPlay Isofix Base. This was ilghtweight, compact, when not in use  and easy to assemble and put away. I love the extra support bar at the front which holds the carseat in place, another extra safety feature. Its a standard base, with no extra flimsy gadgets or bits added to it, you just clip in the isofixture, place the leg on floor of car and go. It was extremely east to detach the carseat from too, as well as placing ready for the journey.


The car seat is the lightest one ive tested. My mum suffers from a bad back, and she commented on the fact it was lightweight and easy to carry, even with Aiden inserted. She was more than happy to carry it around for 20mins - so therefore perfect if you needed to just pop into a shop quickly.

The SONO comes in a lovely range of colours ( i like "Grape" and Alports - which was the one we were sent to test out)

The newborn insert is super soft and snuggly, with a brilliant amount of padding and support for a tiny baby.

Its travel system compatible, but only with SONO branded frames.

Comes with a cosytoes footmuff and removable rain-hood. The cosy toes was ever so snug and soft, I wouldn't have to place a blanket over aiden in the car with the cosytoes on, unlike other car seats. It also has asummer footmuff that's available to buy separately at £25.99. I didn't have this to test myself, but upon looking at reviews online, ive found and read that its very thin and acts as a UV shade protector for legs.


I don't like the appearance of the base of the seat, underneath all the padding, cosy toes and hood. It looks like its made from flimsy cheap plastic.

The seat iself after removing the cosytoes and hood looked cheap, and as I said previously, of cheap flimsy plastic.

Its only compatable with a isofix base - i couldnt see or figure how to secure in using just a seatbelt, and so took to google and youtube to look up how to, and found nothing. I therefore assume it is ONLY isofix sono base compatable.

The maximum upright position isnt as upright as id like it to be. I actually continued to try and force the seat up more when testing it, as i felt it wasnt at the maximum it was at. It still looked and felt very reclined.

Once the newborn insert has been removed, the actual padding on the seat is minimal, it feels hard and in all fairness, unpadded, like fabric has simply been placed over minimal softening or even just the plastic base.

The handle adjustment is ridiculously hard, and the idea behind it is ridiculous. You need to press a small button underneath the handle whilst pushing another button above it to move the handle front or backwards.It took me a good 15mins to figure how to move the handle, and when i did, i found it stiff and hard to do. Not practical if you attempting to remove the seat or move the handle one handed.


I really didnt like this carseat. Although it was the lightest one ive tested so far, thats the only real pro for me. Aiden no longer needs the newborn insert, and with the insert removed i felt the seat wasnt padded enough for him to travel comfortably. It looked lovely when i opened the box to be greeted with a beautiful bright teal coloured carseat (my favourite!) but aside from the nice colours, i really didnt like it.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Review: Concord Reverso

Concord Reverso
RRP £275

Personal Rating 3/5 (for the KA) partner gave it 4/5 (in the MPV)

Upon inspection and removing from the box I found it to be extremely well padded. Feels like it's padded with memory foam as sculpted around my hand. The information leaflet said it's made with air circulation form which helps in summer to keep baby cool and warm in winter.

The insert for a newborn is removeable, and once it has been removed the seat underneath is also well padded throughout.

It's built with an aluminium frame for extra strength and has shock impact factor to it too. It absorbs the shocks.

The footrest is extendable, as well as the headrest for when baby gets taller.

Instructions included were clear,  concise and made sense. 

It looks expensive, it's modern and sleek and comes in 7 different colours.

The concord was easy to install, although heavy, it was quick and easy to do so. Once it's in it stays in the car.

The actual seat itself was quite high compared to others we've tested, and so Aiden was able to look out the window as we drove. He loves lights and movement so he was transfixed looking out the window on our journey.

The chair does recline, in 3 different positions, but not recommended if you have a passenger traveling that needs the front seat as this seat needs to be pulled right forward - knees under chin situation there!

It has a built in isofix base, so no need to buy an extra base to go with it for extra safety

The chair can be adjusted to recline whilst In the front seat with a turn of a knob, you haven't got to prepare the chair for the journey. Aiden could sit and look out the window then once asleep we could recline the chair.
I've since found out this car seat lasts until baby is around 4 years old due to the extendable head and foot rests! The seat feels heavy to me, but according to online it only weighs 10 kg, and rear facing car seats have a maximum weight of 33 kg, meaning as the seat is lighter, it lasts longer! 


It is rather big. Or at least it looked it out the box. We surprisingly could fit it on one back seat and still possibly fit 2 passengers in the back of the KA too.

It's very bulky - I guess it's all the extra padding, but I came accross as looking a bit clumpy and big. Looked massive in my car!

It's extremely heavy. I struggled to get it in the car, but once it's in it stays there.

It's only a 3 point safety harness - I'd have expected 5 from the design and quality of the seat.

Not travel system compatable (imagine it would break the frame due to the weight!) - so not ideal for short journeys and if yiu want to pop put with a newborn. I'd say more practical for an older child of 8mths+

You need isofix built into your car as the seat has built in isofix. Fine for our cars but not for my sister's micra.

Into adjust the head and foot rests you need to turn a know, instead of pulling a lever like previous Seats. Found this took a long time and ached my arm!!

Sounds stupid - but there was no sun visor/canopy. We rely on our sun canopy quite a lot when driving to stop sun in his eyes. Especially seeing as this seat was higher and he could see out the window better the sun was in his eyes a lot.

I actually like this seat. Felt reassured knowing Aiden was padded out and safe whilst travelling. He still fits into the newborn insert at 9 weeks old which is mad! I like the fact it lasts until he's around 4 years old, and that the seat is extendable as he grows, and also can be reclined in the car during our journeys.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Review: Cybex Aton Cloud Q Carseat

Cybex Aton Cloud Q
RRP £230

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5



Instructions enclosed (once found) were clear, concise and easy to understand

Suitable from birth to around 18 months

Stylish (has a Swedish "ikea" look to it) and comes in a range of 17 other colours!! (Had to Google this, as mother-care only showed 6, possibly only 6 available in the UK)

Ample padding alll over - especially around where the back of head and side of head would rest. The padding on the chest and groin/tummy straps is soft too, so when tightened it didn't dig into Aiden. He seemed happy and comfortable to be in the seat.

The padding is also adjustable, so as baby grows your able to extend the headrest and spinal protection.

It can be turnt into a fully reclining position - not fully on a journey but slightly reclined compared to other general seats. Its a fab idea for if we were visiting family and didn't wish to disturb him transferring from car-seat to a travel cot. I was quite happy to leave him in there for a hour after we returned from our journey to continue his nap.

Can be installed using isofix base, or just a seatbelt which is practical for if using multiple cars.

It has a integrated sun canopy - which is and can be very well hidden.

The Cybex Aton is travel system frame compatible with the Aton Base 2 Fix as well as Mothercare Orb, All Bugaboo, Baby Jogger, Cybex Onyx and Cybex Callisto. I have the mothercare orb, but unfortunately dont have the adapters currently so were unable to try it that way)

The carseat in general feels very solid and sturdy. No flimsyness of the handle or the seat when rocked, both with aiden in and out of it.


To begin with, there were no instructions in the box, so i was a little confused as to how to install the carseat. Ended up googling how to and finding via their video, that the instructions were very very well hidden in a compartment under the base of the seat. A little note on the box/seat saying they could be found there would have helped, rather than waste 25mins finding some online!! Not very practival if it were my mum or nan installing the seat for the first time (no offence to them) as they wouldnt think to google instructions...

In practice, to get the car seat to fully recline , i struggled big time. it was and still is hard to do. We followed the instructions (after we found them)  and did exactly as it said. I couldnt get it to recline, so got my partner to have a go, who also struggled - as well as my mum!! We then emailed you, Heidi, who contacted someone from Vybex to contact me - which they did. Id just like to also mention that their customer service was FAB! Within 10mins of you sending me an email to say that you had asked for someone to call me, they did. He gave me a step by step instruction of what to do (which was what we were doing!!) and still no luck. Just as he was about to offer to send someone out to us to check the carseat and ensure it wasnt a fault, we managed to get it to recline. Once we managed to get it to recline and upright it seemed easy. However, i still struggle to do so on my own, same as partner. Ity may just be due to it being a new seat and needing the joins to move a few times in practice.

Its slightly heavier than my usual maxi-cosi pebble car seat. Not as heavy as others ive reviewed, but still noticable, and must bother me if i feel its a "con" to the seat.

I also noticed that when the carseat is at its oldest stage (18ish months) and the insert has been extended to its maximum, there is about a 2 inch gap of no padding, right where the base of my sons spine would lie - this could cause some discomfort, and not just that - not protect him as much as it could.

It looks quite bulky. Not so bad in our MPV people carrier, but quite a bit in the KA. Struggled a little to place and remove the seat using the seatbelt safety in my KA, with the leaning in through the front passenger door to install. Much easier in the MPV


I love this car seat. I love its modern unique style, the colours it comes in and the fact its stylish in general. Its compatable with my travel system which is a big bonus  and can be secured in using seatbelt and isofix for added safety. Its extremely well padded out, with the extendable padding for when my son, Aiden, gets older. Aiden seemed to enjoy it too, as continued his nap after a journey we went on.  The only problem for me was that it was slightly heavy and a tad bulky for my car, but i cant complain as my car is diddy, worked perfect in the MPV and my mums Mini.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Review: Cosatto Hold Giggle Carseat

Cosatto Hold
RRP £135
Travel System Compatable
My personal rating: 3 out of 5


The carseat itself is extremely lightweight, which was a bonus for us as the day we tested it the evening before I pulled pulled a muscle in my back. When my contract was In the carseat it was as if i were just holding him in no seat.

It's super stylish - my favourite so far. There were several put her designs available all in naff as sell variety of bright eye popping colours to suit many a person.

It as sell so comes complete with as sell so matching raincoat which is easy to place and remove.

Its travel system compatable, and the frame isnt that expensive. Its practical for me and the type of seat I would usually choose.

Its practical from newborn to around 1 year-15mths.

Has a 5 point safety harness – meaning my son was secured more firmly, and allows it to be adjusted as he grows.

The newborn insert is soft and snug, with a good strong head support.

There was ample comfortable crotch, chest and tummy padding, the straps didn't dig in and Aiden was happy in a the seat.

Comes with a 4 year guarantee.

Isofix Base compatable as well as seatbelt compatable. I would install it in the car using both methods for double safety.

It was extremely quick and easy to insert and remove from the car.


The built in hood is is a bit weak. I felt as though It would break easily over time.

Once the newborn insert was removed open found the interior padding on the seat quite hard, and very minimal.

The carseat itself feels as though it's made from very rigid cheap plastic.

The seat as a whole feels a bit flimsy. I held the carseat by the handle and shook it slightly and the seat wobbled a lot more separately from the handle. There was a lot of flexibility there.


Ive given it 3/5 as there are more pros to cons, but the cons outweigh them. I love all the styles and colours its available in, and the snug newborn insert.  I felt safe knowing he was secured in the seat using the 5 point safety harness, and that he could be secured in by isofix and via a seatbelt. The downside for me was that the seat just felt cheap and flimsy compared to others.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Review: Jane Matrix Carseat & Base

Jane Matrix Light 2 - £RRP £230.00
+ Platform Base - £225.00

My Personal Rating: 3 out of 5


  • The instructions provided were pretty clear and concise, and if you still struggled after reading them, the seat itself also provided a QR Barcode, that when scanned with a smartphone, directed you to a YouTube channel which then showed you video on how to install and uninstall the car seat with the base and without the isofix base safely
  • I love the reclining position idea – practical for my 6 week old son on longer lengthy journeys, and the fact it can be positioned in 3 ways – fully reclined, upright or at a midway of the 2.
  • Its stylish – I looked online and found that it comes in a range of lovely colours and some different material inserts and cosy toe covers (I love the ones in “Peacock” and “Rubin”). The teddy themed newborn insert is adorable.

    • Its travel system compatible with the Jane Muum frame (had to google it too)– practical for me and the type of seat I would usually choose.

    • Its practical from newborn to around 1 year-15mths, meaning your in a way saving some money by buying a seat like this from the start. (If only I had known at the time of purchasing mine!)

    • Has a 5 point safety harness – meaning my son was secured more firmly, and allows it to be adjusted as he grows.
    • Unlike many car seats, there isn’t really a “time limit” as to how long hes allowed to be in this car seat, due to the reclining position. My son fell asleep in the seat in the reclining position as we were getting ready to pop out. I managed to get him in the car, go on our journey, and return home in the people carrier all without waking him up.

    • Also came with a rain hood, and a wind protector toes cover.
    • Its VERY big and not practical for families with small cars and more than one child.– I drive a mini and so struggled with this one. It took up the entire back 3 seats of both my KA and my partners Mazda MPV (people carrier). Not pratical if you have a small car like me or even a bigger car and more than one child. .

    • Its difficult to place and remove from the car – possibly only applies if you only have a 3 door car. I actually couldn’t get the car seat with my son placed inside, into the KA due to how big and bulky it was. I had to remove him, place the seat in the car by removing the headrest of front passenger seat then replace him back in the seat – not very practical for me and my car, however, I then found it found it extremely easy to do in my partners people carrier due to the fact it has 5 doors, the back 2 passenger ones are sliding and large spacious back seats – but not every parent has a people carrier…

    • Its heavy. I struggled to lift and place the seat onto the base with my son (whos only 9lb) inside.

    • It didn’t and doesn’t fit onto a general isofix base, you have to specifically purchase the Jane Matrix Platform (an extra £225). If I purchased this car seat, id have to then buy and replace my current base, as well as my parents replacing theirs in their car.

    • I also found installing with the seatbelt  and without the base a bit complicated.

    • I found the “padding” insert a bit too hard.


    I loved the idea of a reclining carseat which was suitable from birth, and that could be changed to different positions as baby got older. I felt safe knowing he was secured in the seat using the 5 point safety harness, and I adore the range of colours it comes in, as well as it being travel system compatable. I personally found this one just too big. It took up the entire 3 back seats of my car – not pratical for if I were taking my son out with relatives – they wouldn’t fit in the car too! I also found it extremely heavy and hard to place on the base in the car, as well as removing it in what I feel was a safe way.

    Thursday, 7 May 2015

    Mother & Baby Review Launch

    So I just picked up the June edition of Mother & Baby Magazine and found mine and Aiden's stage 1 car seat reviews have been published.
    Ok so it's practically each lengthy carseat review that I spend hours on pretty much in a nutshell, but it still there to say the least.
    It also finally means I can publish my own reviews on the carseats, which I spent a good few hours meticulously trying and testing.... 
    Watch this space!

    Monday, 4 May 2015

    First Treasures Sneak Peak!

    Eeeeek!! Sneak preview of Aiden's Hand and Foot Casting!!
    How tiny and prefect do they look!
    Totally adore these already, and they aren't even finished yet!!
    I cant wait to pick up and see the final piece!
    Pop over to Laura at First Treasures via Facebook at
    and give her a little wave hello!!

    Recipe: Hotdog Pizza Rolls

    As you may have gathered from previous "recipe" posts on my so far short blog, I usually make really unhealthy foodstuffs - my comfort food. Anyone can make a salad! Throw a few lettuce leaves in a bowl with a tomato - et voila! That makes me sound really unhealthy and a lazy slob (which I can be, I wont lie) but I genuinely want to try new things that are quick, easy and super yummy for those lazy fat days - or during those PMS Days. These are a saviour during PMS! You just crave quick fatty unhealthy food, and ordering a takeaway is so tempting, but these are cheaper and quicker! I know my photos don't make the food look highly appealing, but its hard to do when your starving hungry for dinner!!
    The ingredients and method given below is based on making 4 individual servings, or for 2 people if you can eat more than 1 hotdog!!
    - 4 large hotdog rolls
    - 4  large hotdogs
    - 4  slices of mozzarella (or grated/chopped, whatever you can grab)
                    If you cant get mozzarella use cheese-strings!
    - Tomato Puree OR Salsa
                    I prefer Salsa - gives it more flavour!
    - Grated extra mature cheddar cheese
    - Pizza toppings of your choice (We used chorizo and pepperoni.)
    Preheat the oven at 180o.
    Slice the hotdog rolls as shown. If your using tomato puree or Salsa, now's the time to add that too, spreading inside the roll. We didn't use it during this recipe, as A. I had run out of puree and B. The Mr is extremely fussy and doesn't like Salsa. I couldn't be bothered to make 2 different ones so we all just had the same!
    Slice the mozzarella into thin slices (or chunks if your a rubbish slicer!)
    Slice the hotdogs as shown:
    Place the hotdogs into the rolls:
    Place slices of motzarella (0r cheesestrings if using!) inside the hotdogs:
    Sprinkle the grated cheese on top of the covered hotdogs in rolls
    Add the topping of your choice on top of the sprinkled cheese, and add a little extra cheese on top.
    Bake in the oven at 180o. There is no actual cooking really required, its just warming up the hotdogs, rolls and melting the cheese! We served these with French fries and glasses of coke floats for our movie marathon evening....

    Wednesday, 29 April 2015

    Review: JammyJams Lullaby Rock Album

    Whilst growing up, I was surrounded by many different musical influances, and then on becoming older, found my own taste was varied. Mum like the classic 90s R&B and general music played in clubs of the time, Dad was very much Soul, 60s, Rat Pack, The Who, Billy Idol, The Jam, Phil Colin's etc. My house was constantly filled with music, the radio always on, CDs always playing, Sunday Chart whilst mum cooked dinner in the kitchen, video channels on SKY running in the background whilst doing homework or revising. Music pretty much was everywhere.

    I fell pregnant with my son and vowed that he too would learn of a wide range of music - influenced not only by myself, but my partner, mum, dad and Sister. My Sister - Lily - is a really old school rock listener, sometimes her taste shocks me. Bon Jovi, ACDC, Steel Panther, Greenday, Metallica, The Darkness, The Ramones etc.

    I were browsing online one evening for music to play whilst I bathed and put my son to sleep. I were fed up of the itsy cutesy baby lullabyes that lituraly drove me crazy. I came across a video online, promoting a CD from a company known as JammyJams. The CD was of Lullabbyes, but with a vast difference - it was based around rock music. The ultimate clever twist.

    I then noticed that JammyJams were offering a downloadable CD in exchange for some social media promotions, and I thought why not go for it and give it a try - which is where this review comes in. I were sent a copy of JammyJams Rock The Cradle: A Tribute To Billy Idol. Ill admit, curiosity got the better of me, and having grown up listening to him, thought this would be amazing to try out, and have a listen to with my son.

    We downloaded it last night, and had a listen together whilst bathing, massaging, bottling and putting to bed, and I've got to say, I personally really enjoyed listening to practically Billy Idols Greatest Hits album in a lullaby edition.

    I was a bit sceptical as to how they could transform such songs as "Flesh For Fantasy", "White Wedding" and "Dancing With Myself" into child friendly lullaby renditions, but they can, and they have - very well too ill add.

    This album (and any of their alternative) lullaby albums are a refreshing change to the norm. Im a big music fan, and these made a superb change to listening to nursery rhymes on loop and repeat over and over again. I found myself guessing the song from the chimes and rhythm, more often or not, I was right, meaning the songs are dead ringers for the originals, but with a difference. Its crazy how you can take classic 90s The JammyJams Rock The Cradle: A Tribute To Billy Idol shall remain on my phone, and continue to be played when we fancy a bit of a change to the typical baby songs.

    For more information, track listings, and where to purchase visit:

    Friday, 24 April 2015

    Casting Session with "First Treasures"


    So, as I posted a few days ago, that Aiden and I were invited by ever-so-lovely Laura to visit "First Treasures", a company that specialise in 3D Hand and Foot castings, which act as beautiful keepsakes. Laura had offered a free 3D Footcast, in exchange for a review and/or blog post.

    Laura runs her business from home, which makes the whole process feel really special, purely at the fact she warmly welcomed us into her home for the work to take place. We entered into her kitchen, before being shown examples of her work - and can I just say - WOW!

    There was one piece of her work that I instantly noticed, and needed a closer inspection of, to which I was told it was a casting of Herself, her husband and her childs hand - all 3 clasped together holding each other. It was beautiful! The amount of detail visable is remarkable - from the creases in everyones knuckles, fingernails (you could tell Laura had lovely nails!) and the diamonds featured on her wedding rings - its quite amazing.

    My eyes then glanced along the shelf, viewing several different sized 3D hand and foot casts of babies and young children in different colours, which are used as examples when choosing the casting colour of your choice.

    Laura also does another type of casting known as an "outprint". These are a detailed handprint taken from soft terracotta clay which is then finished as an 2D flat keepsake. The final finished peice included so many details from the impressions of the palm, fingertips, soles of foot and toes finished in a variety of colours - either the full final piece or only just the impression for a more predominate look.

    There were collages of images of previous work all compiled together and proudly shown on display, to show different examples of what was possible, and what to expect of the outcome, as every hand and foot is unique. I was in love with the examples shown, and was slightly sad to see a set of newborn baby hand and foot prints - I wished I had done this when Aiden was tiny, I had never heard or seen anything like this before! I spur of the moment decided to also pay and have Aidens hand casted too, to go alongside his foot, which I would then frame and proudly display at home.

    "First Treasures" is brilliant in not only the fact your having a extremely bespoke piece of art, suited to your family life - after all it is of your child - its also Laura's prices. For something so detailed which also requires quite a lot of time and effort put into creating, the prices are ideal. Laura herself is a mummy to two young children, and she explained she wanted to be able to provide a unique service that was affordable, and well with the "mummy budget".

    Ive often found several keepsake items available to buy online, but haven't physically brought anything, or paid for anything as moneys not the best situation, mainly due to the fact im on maternity leave and my wages are half of my normal income - so keepsakes and knick-knacks for the home have to wait. A single freestanding hand or foot casts is £25, or a double (2 hands or 2 feet) is at £40. There are optional extras that you can pay for, such as having it mounted, framed or a plaque included etc, which are a little bit more expensive, but still within a budget. Overall, for a bespoke treasured keepsake, its well worth the money!

    After gawping at her work for a good while, Laura explained the process and how it would work. I was completely surprised to find that the actual casting takes less then a minute to set! So for those of you who would be or are slightly concerned that it may take a long time - trust me, it doesn't!

    I took along my son Aiden who's 16 weeks old. He can sometimes be a fidget-bum, and had convinced myself that he was going to play up during the process, and cry or wiggle, but he was an absolute little gem. I think he actually enjoyed the whole "messy play" experience - his first ever!

    Laura collected all the things needed to start - a measuring jug, several large mixing bowls, a few jayscloths and water. She measured out the moulding powder, and mixed it with warm water, to which she added that when using warm water, it sets much faster and so is perfect for wigglebums. She mixed it in the bowl like some sort of machine (an obvious pro at mixing ill add!) to which the white powder changed to a pink jelly, before placing in the center of a cloth and moving swiftly over to Aiden, where he sat upon his Aunties lap, socks off, trousers rolled up, ready and waiting.

    Laura placed his foot dead in the center of the "moulding jelly" and wrapped the cloth around his foot. She began lightly kneading the cloth and jelly over his foot and part of his ankle, to obviously ensure the foot was fully covered. It looked as though she were giving Aiden a little foot massage as his face did let out a little smile. I think he enjoyed having warm squidyness between his toes!

    As I said before, it was extremely quick, and in less than a minute the pink jelly had set inside the cloth, and changed colour. It was if Aiden was wearing a little bootie, it simply slipped off like a little sock. The foot casting was complete.

    Next we moved onto the hands - which I partially was dreading as just recently Aiden has found that he does infact have hands, and that they move aound with individual fingers, and make great fist sucking devices - he constantly has his hands in his mouth!

    The same process was applied here, the powder measured out, mixed with warm water to create a pink jelly, placed onto a jayscloth and then wrapped over his left hand. The alternative side hand to the foot is always taken e.g if you cast the left foot, the right hand is casted - and visa versa. It took less than a minute to once again set, and Aiden didn't kick up a fuss at all, if anything I think he also enjoyed having his hands done, as he began babbling away to Laura and his Auntie, and his face smiled again.

    The casting process was complete. Laura explained that she next took the castings and used them as moulds, to which she poured plaster in and left to set. Once they were set, the cast mould would be removed and quality checks would take place - ensuring all details were perfect before being finalised and painted or if people had chosen to have done - framed and mounted also.

    I was told the final finished pieces would be ready in a few weeks time, and so we shall be returning to collect them. Im like a big child, so excited to see my beautiful baby boys hands and feet in a forever tiny keepsake!

    I woud like to thank Laura for her hospitality, for inviting us along to the session today, and also for genuinely being a lovely lady.

    More about Laura and her fantastic business "First Treasures" can be found here at:

    or on Facebook at: