Saturday, 9 May 2015

Review: Jane Matrix Carseat & Base

Jane Matrix Light 2 - £RRP £230.00
+ Platform Base - £225.00

My Personal Rating: 3 out of 5


  • The instructions provided were pretty clear and concise, and if you still struggled after reading them, the seat itself also provided a QR Barcode, that when scanned with a smartphone, directed you to a YouTube channel which then showed you video on how to install and uninstall the car seat with the base and without the isofix base safely
  • I love the reclining position idea – practical for my 6 week old son on longer lengthy journeys, and the fact it can be positioned in 3 ways – fully reclined, upright or at a midway of the 2.
  • Its stylish – I looked online and found that it comes in a range of lovely colours and some different material inserts and cosy toe covers (I love the ones in “Peacock” and “Rubin”). The teddy themed newborn insert is adorable.

    • Its travel system compatible with the Jane Muum frame (had to google it too)– practical for me and the type of seat I would usually choose.

    • Its practical from newborn to around 1 year-15mths, meaning your in a way saving some money by buying a seat like this from the start. (If only I had known at the time of purchasing mine!)

    • Has a 5 point safety harness – meaning my son was secured more firmly, and allows it to be adjusted as he grows.
    • Unlike many car seats, there isn’t really a “time limit” as to how long hes allowed to be in this car seat, due to the reclining position. My son fell asleep in the seat in the reclining position as we were getting ready to pop out. I managed to get him in the car, go on our journey, and return home in the people carrier all without waking him up.

    • Also came with a rain hood, and a wind protector toes cover.
    • Its VERY big and not practical for families with small cars and more than one child.– I drive a mini and so struggled with this one. It took up the entire back 3 seats of both my KA and my partners Mazda MPV (people carrier). Not pratical if you have a small car like me or even a bigger car and more than one child. .

    • Its difficult to place and remove from the car – possibly only applies if you only have a 3 door car. I actually couldn’t get the car seat with my son placed inside, into the KA due to how big and bulky it was. I had to remove him, place the seat in the car by removing the headrest of front passenger seat then replace him back in the seat – not very practical for me and my car, however, I then found it found it extremely easy to do in my partners people carrier due to the fact it has 5 doors, the back 2 passenger ones are sliding and large spacious back seats – but not every parent has a people carrier…

    • Its heavy. I struggled to lift and place the seat onto the base with my son (whos only 9lb) inside.

    • It didn’t and doesn’t fit onto a general isofix base, you have to specifically purchase the Jane Matrix Platform (an extra £225). If I purchased this car seat, id have to then buy and replace my current base, as well as my parents replacing theirs in their car.

    • I also found installing with the seatbelt  and without the base a bit complicated.

    • I found the “padding” insert a bit too hard.


    I loved the idea of a reclining carseat which was suitable from birth, and that could be changed to different positions as baby got older. I felt safe knowing he was secured in the seat using the 5 point safety harness, and I adore the range of colours it comes in, as well as it being travel system compatable. I personally found this one just too big. It took up the entire 3 back seats of my car – not pratical for if I were taking my son out with relatives – they wouldn’t fit in the car too! I also found it extremely heavy and hard to place on the base in the car, as well as removing it in what I feel was a safe way.

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