Saturday, 23 May 2015

Review: Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus & 2 Way Family Fix Isofix Base

RRP £190 for the car seat + Isofix Base at £99.99

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5


When we were sent the pebble plus seat, we were also sent a base that the seat is compatable with that fitted into our isofixtures in the car. The base was electronic, and beeped of the seat wasn't in correctly, or not secured as well as a flashing red and green light to indicate when it was safe to use and when it was not. The seat was easy to install and remove from the base, once we got the hang of pressing the akward buttons on the side of the seat.


This seat had the most reclined in car position, and my son looked comfortable whilst in it.

The newborn insert which was included with the seat was very soft and snug - Aiden is 9 weeks old and still fitted in the seat with the newborn insert, without looking squashed.

we also tried the seat without the insert, and there was ample soft padding attached to the seat. Reassuring around the head and spine placements.

The seat comes in a range of colours, which is fab if you fancy something a bit more bright or stylish than the usual plain black. (However you could also then buy a plain black seat and a coloured newborn insert - mix&match)

The seat is secured in with an isofix I size base, which was sturdy once placed on it. Also secured with a seatbelt too which is an added security bonus.

the seat has a built in wedge where baby's bottom of spine lays - meabing he/she can spend more time in it than the suggested 90mins.

Its travel system compatable with several frames provided you have the adapters. luckily enough it was actually compatable with my mothercare orb frame, and so we also tested it on the frame - the seat fit perfectly and securely - no rocking motion or lax movement.

Its practical from newborn to around -15mths


Its slightly heavier than my usual maxi-cosi pebble car seat. Even with aiden not in it. Once Aiden was in it, it was highly noticable that it was heavier than anticipated. I couldn't carry him from the car to the shops for something quick - it wpuld hurt my arms and back - so defo travel system frame recommended for quick short trips.

For a well known named brand of car seat - it only had a 3 point safety harness, compared to all others with 5. Although he was and is safe in the seat, if they upgraded it to 5 point rather than 3, it would be an added bonus feature.

it was quite hard to press the buttons to remove from the base and the travel system frame - im guessing this due to it being a new seat as over time our one eased up slightly.


When my son was born, being new parents we instantly chose a Maxi cosi seat - as it was the only name brand we knew of. They live upto their expectations of style, comfort and ease of usE, as well as being practical and compatable well it travel systems. My favourite so far.

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