Monday, 11 May 2015

Review: Cosatto Hold Giggle Carseat

Cosatto Hold
RRP £135
Travel System Compatable
My personal rating: 3 out of 5


The carseat itself is extremely lightweight, which was a bonus for us as the day we tested it the evening before I pulled pulled a muscle in my back. When my contract was In the carseat it was as if i were just holding him in no seat.

It's super stylish - my favourite so far. There were several put her designs available all in naff as sell variety of bright eye popping colours to suit many a person.

It as sell so comes complete with as sell so matching raincoat which is easy to place and remove.

Its travel system compatable, and the frame isnt that expensive. Its practical for me and the type of seat I would usually choose.

Its practical from newborn to around 1 year-15mths.

Has a 5 point safety harness – meaning my son was secured more firmly, and allows it to be adjusted as he grows.

The newborn insert is soft and snug, with a good strong head support.

There was ample comfortable crotch, chest and tummy padding, the straps didn't dig in and Aiden was happy in a the seat.

Comes with a 4 year guarantee.

Isofix Base compatable as well as seatbelt compatable. I would install it in the car using both methods for double safety.

It was extremely quick and easy to insert and remove from the car.


The built in hood is is a bit weak. I felt as though It would break easily over time.

Once the newborn insert was removed open found the interior padding on the seat quite hard, and very minimal.

The carseat itself feels as though it's made from very rigid cheap plastic.

The seat as a whole feels a bit flimsy. I held the carseat by the handle and shook it slightly and the seat wobbled a lot more separately from the handle. There was a lot of flexibility there.


Ive given it 3/5 as there are more pros to cons, but the cons outweigh them. I love all the styles and colours its available in, and the snug newborn insert.  I felt safe knowing he was secured in the seat using the 5 point safety harness, and that he could be secured in by isofix and via a seatbelt. The downside for me was that the seat just felt cheap and flimsy compared to others.

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