Friday, 15 May 2015

Review: Concord Reverso

Concord Reverso
RRP £275

Personal Rating 3/5 (for the KA) partner gave it 4/5 (in the MPV)

Upon inspection and removing from the box I found it to be extremely well padded. Feels like it's padded with memory foam as sculpted around my hand. The information leaflet said it's made with air circulation form which helps in summer to keep baby cool and warm in winter.

The insert for a newborn is removeable, and once it has been removed the seat underneath is also well padded throughout.

It's built with an aluminium frame for extra strength and has shock impact factor to it too. It absorbs the shocks.

The footrest is extendable, as well as the headrest for when baby gets taller.

Instructions included were clear,  concise and made sense. 

It looks expensive, it's modern and sleek and comes in 7 different colours.

The concord was easy to install, although heavy, it was quick and easy to do so. Once it's in it stays in the car.

The actual seat itself was quite high compared to others we've tested, and so Aiden was able to look out the window as we drove. He loves lights and movement so he was transfixed looking out the window on our journey.

The chair does recline, in 3 different positions, but not recommended if you have a passenger traveling that needs the front seat as this seat needs to be pulled right forward - knees under chin situation there!

It has a built in isofix base, so no need to buy an extra base to go with it for extra safety

The chair can be adjusted to recline whilst In the front seat with a turn of a knob, you haven't got to prepare the chair for the journey. Aiden could sit and look out the window then once asleep we could recline the chair.
I've since found out this car seat lasts until baby is around 4 years old due to the extendable head and foot rests! The seat feels heavy to me, but according to online it only weighs 10 kg, and rear facing car seats have a maximum weight of 33 kg, meaning as the seat is lighter, it lasts longer! 


It is rather big. Or at least it looked it out the box. We surprisingly could fit it on one back seat and still possibly fit 2 passengers in the back of the KA too.

It's very bulky - I guess it's all the extra padding, but I came accross as looking a bit clumpy and big. Looked massive in my car!

It's extremely heavy. I struggled to get it in the car, but once it's in it stays there.

It's only a 3 point safety harness - I'd have expected 5 from the design and quality of the seat.

Not travel system compatable (imagine it would break the frame due to the weight!) - so not ideal for short journeys and if yiu want to pop put with a newborn. I'd say more practical for an older child of 8mths+

You need isofix built into your car as the seat has built in isofix. Fine for our cars but not for my sister's micra.

Into adjust the head and foot rests you need to turn a know, instead of pulling a lever like previous Seats. Found this took a long time and ached my arm!!

Sounds stupid - but there was no sun visor/canopy. We rely on our sun canopy quite a lot when driving to stop sun in his eyes. Especially seeing as this seat was higher and he could see out the window better the sun was in his eyes a lot.

I actually like this seat. Felt reassured knowing Aiden was padded out and safe whilst travelling. He still fits into the newborn insert at 9 weeks old which is mad! I like the fact it lasts until he's around 4 years old, and that the seat is extendable as he grows, and also can be reclined in the car during our journeys.

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