Monday, 4 May 2015

Recipe: Hotdog Pizza Rolls

As you may have gathered from previous "recipe" posts on my so far short blog, I usually make really unhealthy foodstuffs - my comfort food. Anyone can make a salad! Throw a few lettuce leaves in a bowl with a tomato - et voila! That makes me sound really unhealthy and a lazy slob (which I can be, I wont lie) but I genuinely want to try new things that are quick, easy and super yummy for those lazy fat days - or during those PMS Days. These are a saviour during PMS! You just crave quick fatty unhealthy food, and ordering a takeaway is so tempting, but these are cheaper and quicker! I know my photos don't make the food look highly appealing, but its hard to do when your starving hungry for dinner!!
The ingredients and method given below is based on making 4 individual servings, or for 2 people if you can eat more than 1 hotdog!!
- 4 large hotdog rolls
- 4  large hotdogs
- 4  slices of mozzarella (or grated/chopped, whatever you can grab)
                If you cant get mozzarella use cheese-strings!
- Tomato Puree OR Salsa
                I prefer Salsa - gives it more flavour!
- Grated extra mature cheddar cheese
- Pizza toppings of your choice (We used chorizo and pepperoni.)
Preheat the oven at 180o.
Slice the hotdog rolls as shown. If your using tomato puree or Salsa, now's the time to add that too, spreading inside the roll. We didn't use it during this recipe, as A. I had run out of puree and B. The Mr is extremely fussy and doesn't like Salsa. I couldn't be bothered to make 2 different ones so we all just had the same!
Slice the mozzarella into thin slices (or chunks if your a rubbish slicer!)
Slice the hotdogs as shown:
Place the hotdogs into the rolls:
Place slices of motzarella (0r cheesestrings if using!) inside the hotdogs:
Sprinkle the grated cheese on top of the covered hotdogs in rolls
Add the topping of your choice on top of the sprinkled cheese, and add a little extra cheese on top.
Bake in the oven at 180o. There is no actual cooking really required, its just warming up the hotdogs, rolls and melting the cheese! We served these with French fries and glasses of coke floats for our movie marathon evening....

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