Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Review: JammyJams Lullaby Rock Album

Whilst growing up, I was surrounded by many different musical influances, and then on becoming older, found my own taste was varied. Mum like the classic 90s R&B and general music played in clubs of the time, Dad was very much Soul, 60s, Rat Pack, The Who, Billy Idol, The Jam, Phil Colin's etc. My house was constantly filled with music, the radio always on, CDs always playing, Sunday Chart whilst mum cooked dinner in the kitchen, video channels on SKY running in the background whilst doing homework or revising. Music pretty much was everywhere.

I fell pregnant with my son and vowed that he too would learn of a wide range of music - influenced not only by myself, but my partner, mum, dad and Sister. My Sister - Lily - is a really old school rock listener, sometimes her taste shocks me. Bon Jovi, ACDC, Steel Panther, Greenday, Metallica, The Darkness, The Ramones etc.

I were browsing online one evening for music to play whilst I bathed and put my son to sleep. I were fed up of the itsy cutesy baby lullabyes that lituraly drove me crazy. I came across a video online, promoting a CD from a company known as JammyJams. The CD was of Lullabbyes, but with a vast difference - it was based around rock music. The ultimate clever twist.

I then noticed that JammyJams were offering a downloadable CD in exchange for some social media promotions, and I thought why not go for it and give it a try - which is where this review comes in. I were sent a copy of JammyJams Rock The Cradle: A Tribute To Billy Idol. Ill admit, curiosity got the better of me, and having grown up listening to him, thought this would be amazing to try out, and have a listen to with my son.

We downloaded it last night, and had a listen together whilst bathing, massaging, bottling and putting to bed, and I've got to say, I personally really enjoyed listening to practically Billy Idols Greatest Hits album in a lullaby edition.

I was a bit sceptical as to how they could transform such songs as "Flesh For Fantasy", "White Wedding" and "Dancing With Myself" into child friendly lullaby renditions, but they can, and they have - very well too ill add.

This album (and any of their alternative) lullaby albums are a refreshing change to the norm. Im a big music fan, and these made a superb change to listening to nursery rhymes on loop and repeat over and over again. I found myself guessing the song from the chimes and rhythm, more often or not, I was right, meaning the songs are dead ringers for the originals, but with a difference. Its crazy how you can take classic 90s The JammyJams Rock The Cradle: A Tribute To Billy Idol shall remain on my phone, and continue to be played when we fancy a bit of a change to the typical baby songs.

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