Friday, 10 April 2015

Time for a brew or two...

I am, as some may say, a tea-a-holic. I love a cup of the ol' gypsy rose lee, which is surprisingly strange as pre-pregnancy i couldn't stand the stuff, it was one thing that made me contemplate my pregnancy as one morning (before i found out i was pregnant) i just fancied a cup of tea and a biccie. I remember my partner raising eyebrows at me and questioning my asking for a cuppa, thinking he misheard me he made me a cup of coffee and the smell totally put me off!! Even now that my son is 14 weeks old the smell of coffee is partially nauseating and i have a strong preference to tea.

Anyway! I recently applied to an advert for people who wanted a healthy kick start to their mornings, and willing to try a new brand of tea that had been launched by an well known company. In between emails "Miranda" mentioned that the tea in uestion was a form of green tea. I actually replied to her then and there that i wasnt interested as i HATED green tea, but she was pretty persistant and suggested i give it a go, it may change my outlook on Green Tea.

3 days after my inital contact with "Miranda" i were sent these 2 boxes in the post. I was quite glad to notice these wernt just green teas, they were fruit flavored green teas - perhaps these would change my mind and thoughts after all. By then i hadn't actually had my morning cup of tea by then, and i was "oooh arrrring" over weather or not i should have a mug of this green tea or stick to my usual one.... So i went for a cup of the "Tetley SUPER Boost Green Tea" in Berry Burst.

My palate hasnt really tried Fruit Teas, I love Iced Tea in the summer but its not really the same thing. The box contains 20 tea bags, so for me if i was to totally replace my tea drinking habits, would last 3 days. Currently on sale at Asda for £1 a box - bargain! The box states that the Boost Tea contains Vitamin B6 which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.  

The packet had clear instructions as to how to make it, exactly like a usual cuppa, just minus the milk (I was SO close to adding milk tho! usual instinct kicked in!). I did add 1 tea spoon of sugar to it tho as i have a slight sweet tooth and dislike sweetner (whats the point of it?!). i let it brew for 2 minutes, and i still made it in my favourite Bodum Glass Mug so i watched the teabag infuse the water and change colour (sad i know!). It was finally ready to drink.... so i took a sip....


It was surprisingly delicious. Now i dont know if its psychological or not, but after drinking the Berry Burst Boost Tea i felt surprisingly a little bit more perkier. The flavor in general wasn't too strong, I assume if i wanted it to taste stronger id leave the bag in for longer type thing, but it had a slight zing and twang compared to normal tea. I were instantly met with the taste of strawberries, closly followed by blackberries and whatever other berries were included in there - but those two were a definite pick up. Id decided to give the other flavor a go as well at mid morning as i felt if i tried the two teas in a similar time period the flavors would get muddled.

I then tried the Mango & Passion-fruit tea at lunchtime, id been on my feet all morning sorting out Aiden and tidying the house, i had actually skipped breakfast and not noticed (coincidence to the boost qualitys of the tea? who knows!) So after Aiden went down for his afternoon nap i made myself another brew.I love exotic flavors and fruits so mango and passion-fruit sounded perfect to me. As the tea was brewing, all i could smell was Mangos. I found this one tasted slightly better (my own preference). Your instantly hit with the taste of the fruity mango's, but then shortly followed by the crisp sharp tang of passion-fruit. I did find that this one left a strange aftertaste in my mouth - not really unpleasant as such but i did drink a glass of water after to help.

Im actually now on my 3rd box of each flavor, ive replaced my first morning cuppa with a cup of the Berry Blast flavored Boost Tea, closely followed by at lunch a mug of the Mango and Passion-fruit and lastly at night before bed a cup of one i havent review on here yer, Peach & Apricot. I now actually prefer fruity green teas, or fruit tea to usual tea! Especially with a small dab of honey replacing sugar. Yummmmm!

Tetley Green-Teas can be purchased through all major superstores, and some express stores.
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