Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Invite from "First Treasures"

Eeep! Today, Aiden and I will be heading out to see a lovely lady called Laura, who runs a company called "First Treasures", who are based in Bicknacre, Essex.
First Treasures specialise in hand and foot castings, which capture every small detail if your child's hand or foot in 3D. They use non toxic materials to cast and sculpt a impression of the hand or foot, which is followed by several hours of craftsmanship and high quality attention to detail which result in these perfect, keepsakes that look absolutly beautiful! 

We've ben extremely lucky to be invited down to participate in a foot casting this afternoon, which I shall be snappy happy with my camera, and blog about the process in general on here too.

SO excited! Can't wait!!

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