Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Reassurance with BabyBond

My life changed forever the day my son was born. Realistically it changed the moment i found out i was pregnant, but it really was a life changing moment when they placed this tiny little bundle into my arms and it was announced my son was born.

I found out i were pregnant back in March 2014. I were due for the routine 12 week scan on June 23rd, but on June the 4th at 9 weeks gestation i were experiencing extreme stomach cramps and some slight bleeding. I was admitted to Braintree General Hospital where i were examined and told by a consultant that my pains were either one of 3 things - 2 with a negative outcome. It was either simple growing or nesting pains, an etopic pregnancy or the start of a possible miscarriage. To hear either of those not-so-nice outcomes, and basically being told your going to loose your baby either way is absolutely heart wrenching. Every possible emotion sweeps through you. When we questioned if we could have a scan to check that the pains were the positive of the 3, the consultant (if im honest) didst seem that bothered. He said the next scan they could get me in for was a week on Thursday. That was in 9 days time. There was no way on this earth we would be waiting 9 days. We rang around frantic trying to find somewhere that would take us and give us a private scan - no matter the cost.

We eventually managed to get an appointment at a center called BabyBond - they were based in Cambridge (and us in Braintree) but we didn't care. We drove the 44 miles in complete silence, preparing ourselves for the worst.

We arrived at the center to be greeted warmly by the receptionist, we explained our situation and she seemed genuinely concerned for not just us, but our unborn baby. We then met our chief consultant songographer who lead us to a a dimly lit room. We explained we were 9 weeks gestation and had the cramps and bleeding, and she warned us that at 9 weeks, all we would see is a peanut shape with no visible arms or legs as such as he/she would be so small.

She also prepared us for the worst case scenario if it were to be, and explained they had a team to help deal with losses etc. She then instructed me to lie on the couch and placed the gel on my stomach. We held our breat as she scanned. 

First we saw nothing. Just a black emptiness that was my womb. Suddenly, something flickered up - yet we still could see nothing. By now we could hear a faint whoosing noise, which we were told by a smiling sonographer that it was infact, our babys heartbeat. She then moved from left to right, and right to left until we were greeted with this image...

It was no "Peanut". It were a full silhouette of a baby, and its arms and legs were frantically kicking and moving about. Our baby was fine! He/She was very much alive and kicking, with no issues or problems at all. The sonographer could see the revilement on our faces, and again asked how far into the pregnancy we were. When i explained i were entering my 9th week, she laughed, and corrected me by telling me i were infact 13 weeks!!! One whole month longer than i originally thought!! The pains WERE just growing pains after all!!

The overwhelming relief that swept through me was indescribable. We had just met our future child for the first time, and he/she was ok! Tears were cried, happy tears by both myself and my partner. Life just got so real - we were going to become parents in 6 months time - Scary but exciting times!

Ive vowed that if i ever needed or wanted another scan done privately, id go again with Ultrasound-Direct. They were reassuring, professional and warm in everything they did. They made us feel at ease, and that our case was special and unique to them - even though they must have had our situation 1000 times over. Ultrasound-Direct comes highly recommended from us.


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