Saturday, 24 January 2015

Team Pink or Blue?!

I absolutely hate surprises. I like to know everything and plan it all to a T. So naturally I wanted to find out the sex of my unborn child! We had our 20 week scan on  22nd August 2014.

In my head, i just knew our child was a boy - that we were having a son. Call it "Mothers Intuition" if you like, but i was adamant i was carrying a boy. From craving Burger King Whopper burgers, crisps and crusty bread - that alone (according to Emma's Diary) proved old midwives tale that i was carrying a boy.

My feelings were SO strong that not long after finding out i was pregnant, and way before my 12 week scan, id find myself browsing baby boy clothes in shops, and i even brought "him" a little hat and booties that matched in baby blue.

People thought i was mad. They would refer to my unborn baby as "IT" which i hated, so after my 12 week scan we then refered to "him" as "Peanut" due to the songographer telling us to expect "him" to look like a peanut.

The day of the 20 week scan arrived, that evening i did not sleep one bit - a mixture of nerves and exitement, but then also the feeling of not wanting to know. Perhaps this was the biggest surprise of my life, and it would be a magical moment to just not know and be shocked after i gave birth. I told my partner that morning en route to hospital that i didn't want to find out and he looked a little saddened but if that's what i wanted then it was fine.

We arrived for the scan at Broomfield Hospital and were lead into the consultant room. As per protocol i layed on the couch ready for the scan. The sonographer asked if we wanted to know sex during the scan, and we said no. She then knew to avoid certain scan positions etc to give baby's gender away. My first reaction upon seeing "Peanut" again was "WOAH" that's no Peanut!!" By now "he" was a fully sized baby, with big arms and legs and a predominant button nose - my nose i was told (?!). It were the day of a England World Cup Match, and just before entering we were told via radio that England had just scored, and i swear our little peanut was giving England a cheer!! "He" was a footie fan already - another obvious sign "he" was really a boy!!

 The sonographer did all the necessary checks and measurements, then went to give us one final look at our baby via screen. The next time would be when we met for the first time! As we said "bye!" to our baby "He" spun 180 degrees around and presented us with a birds eye view of "his" bum, and within seconds, opened "his" legs to reveal a little winkie. The sonographer became flustered and tried to not assure us i was carrying a boy, but eventually she caved in and revealed that infact, my intuition was correct. I was pregnant with a boy. We were having a SON!!

My partner and i were estatic. The first grandchild of both families, and it was a boy! My dad grew up with 3 sisters, and then obviously my mum had myself and my sister, so a grandson was a perfect surprise and gift to them all. We were extremely blesssed to be having our first child, a boy, who was fighting, fit and healthy and due 10th of January 2015.

This little person who we had only met several times via a video screen was already our complete and utter world. Its so crazy how you can be so in love with someone you've never met before. It was now a matter of playing the waiting game!!

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