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Bump2Birthday Journal

Ive always said if I had a a baby that I would keep a "keepsake-book" for him or her, as did my mum for me, and my Nan for my mum. I wanted something a little bit different than the usual baby books, to me they are very simple - fill out a word here and there, throw in some photographs and a lock of hair and et voila - a baby book.

Ii'd looked online at reviews and googled/amazoned/ebayed unique baby books and didn't really come across much if i'm honest. I found a distinct lack of cute itsy baby record books.

 I wanted a book that I could write all my pregnancy information in, but also continue for my baby's first year of his or her life - basically a big diary for my pregnancy. *I actually went out and brought myself a 2014-2015 diary from a card shop and began noting little bits of information here and there, but i often lost track of what i was recording and/or writing).

It wasn't until I were out shopping with my Mum and Nan one day, where we happened to pop into a local little trinket and home wear store (they had an absolutely adorable modern day rocking horse in the window, which i just HAD to go have a look at) and browsing through their new baby section. full of photo albums, keepsake boxes and trinket boxes I came across this - the  "Bump To Birthday Journal".

I picked it up and had a quick look at the cover and the back, which had a nice big £23.99 price tag attached to it, which i will admit, i thought was pretty steep for a blank book. So, I stood there, in the middle of the shop, like a lemon trying to get Wi-Fi signal on my phone in order to google the name of the book and see if it would be worth the £23.99 price tag. As i did, i found nothing but good reviews and praise for it, so I brought it, there and then (fully aware it was cheaper by £5 through amazon, but im impatient), and its perfect.

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It really is a beautiful and brilliant book! "Bump To Birthday" literally covers your entire pregnancy, giving you medical information on your developing baby as the weeks progress, little cute things and snipets of information - for example:

Week 14 - Your Baby is now about 8cm and weighs 45g. He is approximately the size of a lemon."

Each week where it compared size of baby to an object i would hunt around my house trying to find the object to show my partner - who by the end of it i guess must have gotten pretty fed up with my comparisons. It did make trips to tescos or asda more fun tho - id pick up a pineapple of banana and shout "LOOK!! This is how big our little Peanut is!!"

 It also has small sections based on how you (mum) are feeling, what you've been up to, and  section to note your weight and cravings (as lets face it we all put on a few pounds and fancy foods like anything!). It also has decent spaces to add photo memories and moments, like first and second scans until 39/40+ weeks (I think it lead to 42 weeks in-case mums were overdue) and then followed up the pregnancy section with a "Welcome to the World" where you were then able to log baby's birth details such as place and time of birth, weight, measurements, first photo etc.

The journal goes right on for a year after (in monthly installments) until baby's 1st birthday. This therefore gives you a record of your entire pregnancy as well as all the firsts - 1st Christmas, 1st Holiday, 1st Crawl, 1st Tooth etc. It doesn't miss a single little moment or detail at all.

Each page is just so SO cute as well, decorated with little trees and birds, in a range of colours - its not specifically blue for a boy or pink for a girl type thing. Its a general unisex baby record diary. Its just so adorable. I've actually another one of these, as a friend is also expecting a baby, and I think its a lovely way to record all information in one place.

Ive also since found out they do books that continue on from "Bump To Birthday" such as "Our Story - For My Daughter" or "Our Story - For My Son" which is a whopping 18 year diary (in 6mth installments) to record any big events or milestones that your child may have achieved -  I'm defiantly going to be buying the "Our Son" version!

The only problem with this book/diary, is that you have to be determined to complete it. With other baby books, you don't have the masses of writing as such to record, just a few words here and there. My son is now here, hes 6 weeks old and i think there's only 2 weeks where i hadn't recorded any in depth information, just quick notes that i added a few weeks later due to various reasons. If you like keeping detailed track of things (as i do, i blame a mild OCD) then its perfect. Its just a perfect keepsake.

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The Bump To Birthday Journal 
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